Interactive 3D in the Browser

Innovative and oriented on the future: The 3D spare parts catalog

Transfer 3D CAD files directly from Daussault Composer and represent them in a web-browser without a plug-in? We make it possible: With HTML5 and the included WebGL, standards were created which allow us to transfer 3D content directly from the Daussault Composer and render it plug-in-free in the browser. CAD files can be converted and saved in SVG or WaveFront Object files (WebGL compatible output format). This allows both the use of pure SVG, as well as interactive 3D files. A combined version of 2D and 3D representations for individual assemblies is possible, since in this case the data source is identical.

As our application is responsive, it is also easily suitable for smartphones. An expansion to the complete virtual reality application is also possible.

Functionality overview

  • improved visualization
  • Usage for customer presentations and marketing
  • increase of productivity
  • process optimization
  • support of technical processes
  • improved understanding of product design and product use


Interactive 3D on Smartphone

We can implement both the complete spare part catalog solution and the provision of individual modules by using our interactive 3D solutions. The application on the smartphone is ideal for product presentations and marketing purposes of your sales. See for yourself:

An example for interactive 3D on smartphones can be found at the following link: or by scanning the QR code below with your smartphone.



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